7-Inch Race Drone Build


I have been flying my small drones with Betaflight and am new to Ardupilot.

I want to use more of the route planning features that Ardupilot affords. I have flashed my Mateksys H734-SLIM V3 with Ardupilot and followed the Wiki.

I have reached the point where I arm the drone and take off in acro mode, I can hover the drone for about 10 seconds before it puts in an undemanded pitch or roll input, and I disarm the drone.

I am not sure why I seem to have full control of the drone for 10 seconds in acro mode then the drone flies away. I have not put a tune on it yet, but it sounds and feels stable for the first 10 seconds of flight.

Can anyone offer any input?

Mateksys H743-SLIM V3
Crossfire Nano Rx with a Tango II controller
T-Motor F55A ESC
T-Motor F90 motors

Please post a .bin log file.

Here’s one I did earlier … ArduCopter 7" Long Range Build - YouTube

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I don’t have a telemetry radio. Is there a way for me to look at the log file?

I did follow this @andyp1per . Thank you for the post. I thought that it was set up the same, that’s why I don’t understand why it isn’t working.

Download it from the sdcard

There is no SD card on the drone

No logs then. The FC has an sdcard slot so you should get one and put it in - going to be tough to offer advice otherwise

Thank you, @andyp1per, I will add one and try again.

You wouldn’t be doing any of this either without an Sdcard.

2023-04-16 11-58-51.bin (948 KB)

I have put in an SDcard. I still have the same problem of the drone working for a while, then losing control.

Here is a larger file.

I have been progressing with this today. What I thought was a loss of control was the drone falling when it had zero throttle. As it rolled I always disarmed because I thought it was a control malfunction, but it was just me not understanding the system well enough. I have added air mode and a tune, and now it is working much better.

I have just tried it in position hold, and it works well.

Next, I will try some basic mission planning to see if it will fly a route.

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Glad you figured it out!

I have been having a lot of fun with this project. I have had the drone flying around a race track under GPS guidance.

I am now trying to add some computer vision to detect race gates. I have added an RPi and a Pi camera to the drone. I added a simple program where in guided mode, the drone arms and takes off. If it sees a gate, it will fly forwards, and if the gate moves to the peripherals of the screen, the drone will turn left/right to compensate.

The drone takes off ok and detects the target; the issue is that when it starts to move forward and turn, it falls from the sky.

Is there anywhere in the log file where I can see why it isn’t just flying forwards or turning?

.bin file in link

and a second .bin