6s and 12s Battery Connectors

Hello All, how is everyone. Thanks for help in the past. To the point. I’m confused about 6s ,and 12s lipo battery connections. what I do the Amp formula the batteries rate really high like 230-280 amps and up.
Whats confusing is how the companies put AS150s and XT150’s(150amps-180 spike). How can they handle the pull of some of the PDB’s, like the DJI AG’s, but those PDB’s are rated between 300amps and 450amps.
I have an AG set up I’m building and want to know what I can get away with. The 6s AG smart batteries from Tattu have them all the way up to 12S then it goes AS150U. My setup is a , 1 x 450amp BDP, 6 x 80amp HV ESC’s, 6 x 8318’s ( 70amp pull @ full throttle according to specs ), Pixhawk Cube, Cuav PMU ( 150amp rated, not directly connected to battery leads, connected to 12s port ), Receiver, VTX, Rasberry pi ( the brain ), Lights, Pump, Lidar. I need 12s voltage and the PDB is already set up for series its a Tarot TL2996.
I plan on running 2 x Tattu Plus 22.2V 25C 6S Lipo Battery 10000mAh With AS150+XT150 Plug (New Version) any advice would be helpful thank you for you time Everyone!