680 x8 wobble in windy (autotune made)

Hi friends, this is my first x8 config and my first pixhawk too.

This is the config:
H4 Alien carbon 680 frame
Sunnysky V3508 380kv motors
Tarot 1555 foldable plastic props
ZTW Spyder 20a ESC (simonk flashed)
2x 5000mah 6s lipo
Futaba R6203 via sbus

The AUW is about 4kg.

I made the first flight in stabilize mode (default PID) i na calm day and it works well.
After that I made a althold and autotune.

The copter worked well but when I have a windy gust it wobbles a lot and sometimes lost some altitude.

Today I tryed change “Altitude Hold P” from 1.0000 to 3.0000 (via channel 6) and I didn’t see any improvements.

Also, today in a wind gust it loses about 3 meters and near touch the ground.

I also have problems of losing altitude when flying forward but I’m trying to solve this wobble first.

Video from the first flight

Log from today’s flight (not the same flight fom the video)


I will be glad if anyone could take a look int the log for me.