6 wheeled Skid steer rover using DC brushed motor with cytron motor driver not working

Trying to build a skid steer type rover using 6 dc brushed motors and Cytron Dual channel motor driver, but as soon as connect direction wire in pixhawk, driver is receiving current in both the channel thus the motor is not able to rotate in any direction.
any help is appreciated in connection and parameters setting up
while trying to control two motors I have connected pwm signal wire in main out 1 and 3 and direction wire in Aux out 1 and 2.

What motor output mode ( MOT_PWM_TYPE) have you set the pixhawk to? Its hard to find any good documentation on what signals the cytron is looking for exactly.

We are using BrushedWithRelay output mode.
Also when we connect only the pwm wires (i.e. the motors work) we are not able to control the speed of motors.
We are using the Manual mode for now.
Please help with this .

Have you see RELAY_PIN and RELAY_PIN2 to 50 and 51? You will also need to reduce your BRD_PWM_COUNT to 4.

I’m not 100% sure brushed with relay will work for skid steer, it may only work for a single motor to be used with a steering servo. I would try it first, it should defiantly work for one, although you may need to set the output to throttle rather than throttle left or right. I will have a look at the code and see how it should work, but not in the next day or two. I did have a quick look at the cytron, it looked like it had its own mixer so you may be able to use throttle and steering rather than left and right throttle.

Thankyou so much for your help.

We are facing a problem related to speed as I mentioned above.

As soon as we power the system, the motors start at a very speed even when the pixhawk is disarmed and we are unable to control the rpm of the motors in any way.

Secondly, the mission planner rejects the command of disarming once armed.

Looking forward for your help and Thank you so much for your support.

try using standard pwm type, ie MOT_PWM_TYPE = 0

you might have to change some pins on the cytron to match, should be able to get it to do something sensible, even if not reversing yet

Sir, any update on my initial problem?

With the Cytron Dual channel motor driver, you need to set Brushed BiPolar and RCIN 3 forward/reverse for throttle and RCIN? for steer, I use RCIN 1

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Hey there! I’ve got a question about the Cytron dual-channel motor driver. It has 2 PWM pins, 2 DIR pins, and 1 ground pin. Can you help me understand how to connect it to a Pixhawk and set it up in Mission Planner? My goal is to use skid steering for both RC control and autonomous operation. I’d appreciate any help or advice you can provide. Thanks in advance!

Brushed with relay

Bro please can you explain me the connection of the wire on pixhawk pins and on mission planner how to make this autonomous

Forget about Autonomous until the vehicle is configured and tuned correctly. Start here for configuration:
Rover Motor and Servo Configuration

Do your best with the available documentation and create a new post if you encounter problems.

Bro i have worked on it and I can now use RC and I can turn left and moving forward. Quite problem on turning right and backward