5v power on Pixhawk

I want to use serial 5 for my second lidar. However i need to find another 5v power source as the one on serial 4/5 is occupied.

Can i use for example the CAN port to get power for my device or is there another way?

I’d recommend against powering peripherals off the flight controller. Provide a dedicated supply, either directly to the lidar or via the servo rail.

James thanks. Why isnt it ok to power peripherals from pixhawk?

By power rail you mean from the servo pins?

You want power within the flight controller as stable as possible, and it’s onboard power capacity is quite low (a couple hundred milliamp, excluding telem1). Drawing 5v for peripherals from it just increases the chance something can go wrong, particularly with things like lidar (and telemetry radios) that have frequently changing power demands.
Yes: servo pins. The servo rail is not powered by board voltage, so needs an independent supply. If you give it a supply it’s a convenient distribution rail.

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