5V pin Telem 2 port to connect Raspberry pi


When looking at the pin diagram of a pixhawk 4, there seems to be a possibility to power the Raspberry Pi using the 5V pin of the telem2 port. When looking at examples online however, people tend to power to the FMU-PWM-out and use that to power the Raspberry Pi. Any particular reason to do this? Also, if it is possible to attach the Raspberry Pi to the telem2 port, could I use the 5V pin of the Raspberry Pi to power an additional servo? I suppose the current might be too high, although I can’t find too much info about this.

Thanks for the help!

It is likely a safer bet to run power to the RPi independent of the Pixhawk, either from your power distribution board if it has a 5v output or stepping down the battery voltage using a UBEC or buck converter