5g mobile ultra low latency network demonstration

Hi All,

I am new to this forum, I have been around arducopter for a while and use drones regularly.
not sure if this is the right section…
Recently I took part in a low latency demo for a 5g application and it got me thinking.

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I work for Ericsson and to test the network core I built a rover using a navio board.
I was thinking the ultimate demonstration of Low latency would be off board flight control.

is it possible to use the APM/Navio… whatever just as a sensor and have the drone flight controlled by an off board controller located in the 5g network core?
I believe there are outputs that I could feed into the core giving live status from all sensors, but I have no idea if the actual flight control could be managed from a virtual machine in the core?

any ideas would be great… we are seeing sub 5ms latency int he test network, and bandwiths of around 5 Gb/s so theoretically it should be able to handle controlling all aspects of the flight control. effectively turning the drone into a thin client.

many thanks

So “traditional” off-board control isn’t what you’re talking about here,
by the sounds of it. That’s where the GCS is responsible for setting
target positions, attitudes and the like. ArduPilot does support this
sort of thing.

It sounds like you’re really talking about using a “sensor-hub”.
Unfortunately, we don’t have that. We had a GSoC student do some great
work, but unfortunately that code hasn’t made it into master yet.

Thanks Peter. I’ll see if ther is anyone at King’s doing a PHD who would like to get involved, the demo is for them anyway. this is well outside my abilities!