5 units RFD900X modem

For sale, 5 units RFD900x , perfect working condition, 3 units where waterproofed, 2 used for GS. 2x config cables and 6x 5dbi antennas. Reason for sale is moving to EU

Asking 420 $ + shipping.

I would love them, but any reasonable price for you is too rich for this broke college kid’s wallet. Sorry man, hope you can find a good buyer. Why can’t you bring them with you?

There’s different frequency requirements in the EU.

Oh, right. Completely forgot about that. And it’s not changeable in software, darn. I feel for you. Having to sell a lot of your gear just to buy it again in a different freq must suck.

This would be the perfect setup for your project. These radios will “mesh” so you can set up relays with multiple units. I’ve never set it up, but I’m considering it.


You know what, sure, what’s 44 hours of work (assuming shipping is about $20) now vs later. I’ll take them. How should I get in touch with you to go over the details?

What’s the potting material, by the way? I’d assume silicone.

Sorry for late response, Plastidip, rubber like. Work flawlessly, mesh also. Pain in the… But thats life.

No worries. I’m in no rush. DM sent, by the way.

Yeah, I’ve heard that stuff is a pain in the behind to work with, but gives excellent results.