5 mile no fly zone concerns

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I will be soon taking my students to an AMA site that is clearly within the 5 mile no drone zone (B4UFLY and Hover apps both confirm this).
Question: :question:
Will the 2.6 arm with Mission Planner?
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Yes it will

Thanks Gary, is it because the flight computer is older that it will ‘inside the fence’?

It has nothing to do with the version or age of ArduPilot.

It will work because ArduPilot does not enforce the no-fly zones you see in Mission Planner. The circular no-fly zones you see in Mission Planner or other ground control software around airports are entirely informational, and exist only in Mission Planner. The flight controller knows nothing about no fly zones unless you tell it; see below.

You can set up something called a geofence which you can think of as an elective no-fly zone. With a geofence you can specify only a certain area as flyable, and the craft will attempt to stay within those boundaries. The geofence feature differs between ArduPlane and ArduCopter, but that’s the gist of it.


I am just new to this ardu-community and want to set up my own copter next year.
I was thinking of the flight-restricion-zones as well.
So up to now, the pilot is responsible not to fly close to airports etc., correct?
If I plan a special feature like “no-fly-zones”, I will have to get the open-source-firmware
as sourcecode and add the feature ??
The “fence” is the only way to add a flight restriction right now ?!?

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