5.8ghz on-board video antenna switcher?

I’d like to be able to switch back and forth (via R/C switch) between an omnidirectional video antenna, and a directional video antenna.

Part of this idea is to be able to find my way back home should I lose GPS (and otherwise can’t tell where I am). I’d do that by slowly yawing the frame around (using the directional antenna while watching the signal strength and/or quality of the video), as the backup way to find my way home

And, I’m wondering, if the antenna switching hardware I’m looking for doesn’t exist, could I use a video CAMERA switcher? But would the video transmission signal make it thru that kind of a switch unscathed?

Any ideas? Thanks…

The way to do this is to have 2x transmitters and switch power input between them using a rc relay rather than trying to switch high frequency antenna conections.

Thanks very much. Good idea.