5.8G FPV USB receiver direct to QGC?

Hi all.

Just been able to test my new-to-me Skydroid Analogue FPV receiver using VLC player on Ubuntu. Think I opened a video capture device, /dev/video1 and it did the rest.

Tried all sorts of different video options on QGC and no video.


This is the full stream details:

…and this is my settings on QGC:

It has just occurred to me that QGC may actually be recognising that the stream is snow/static at the moment - no camera connected - so will try again later with the FPV camera attached.

Edit: Plan B would be set up the laptop to stream the video, then hook the QGC to the localhost stream, but that does seem a little wasteful!

I can now get this on QGC, but it is very convoluted. I will look into posting a comment on github. The following is based on me running on Ubuntu.

This on the command line shows a live feed from the camera:

gst-launch-1.0 v4l2src device=/dev/video2 ! image/jpeg ! jpegparse ! jpegdec ! xvimagesink

Once I install GitHub - GStreamer/gst-rtsp-server: RTSP server based on GStreamer. This module has been merged into the main GStreamer repo for further development. then the following sets up a rtsp server for the camera:

./test-launch ‘( v4l2src device=/dev/video2 ! image/jpeg ! rtpjpegpay name=pay0 pt=96 )’

I can then point the QGC to “RTSP Video Stream” and the URL rtsp://

I feel like I must be missing something? This seems very convoluted for what I would have thought is the cheapest way to feed analogue camera feeds into QGC?

I’m using one of the “OTG FPV Receivers” that can be used to feed signal into Android devices. What’s the normal for 5.8G video?

Not quite sure what you are asking here. QGC is wanting an RTSP URL, this is not a direct video device. What you have shown, using an RTSP server is exactly what is needed, that takes a video device and streams to RTS,p (a network protocol). I dont see it as convoluted as capture devices are physical (ie /dev/video0) and RTSP is a network streaming protocol, and the server you linked is doing just that.