any thoughts of sending out a reversed signal to an unused output for the rear wheel steering on a 4WS rover? like maybe just use output pin #2 right next to the #1 for the main steering servo?

You can buy leads to reverse direction, in fact would an aircraft aileron Y lead do exactly what you want to do? I don’t do rovers :wink:

We can put it on the to do list, but there are a number of other more important functional updates in the cue at the moment.
TCIII Developer

Thanks for putting it on the list. and yes i could use a y cable… but when we get code to do the 4WS we can do.

turn left/right normal front 2WS
turn left/right FAST with opposite wheel direction turns 4WS
turn wheels same direction to “crab walk” sideways left/right…

just some thoughts

Yes, this is quite interesting to me. I have a chassis that supports 4WS no and I am expecially interested in the crab walk functionality and rear steering. I have a very capable rock crawling platform and being able to control the steering independently can help with approach angles and provide a means to prevent roll-overs.

Here are some other options to get 4WS where one signal output will steer one axle in one direction and the other axle in the opposite direction:

  1. Use a servo reverser as shown here:
    there may be cheaper versions of this elsewhere. There are also “inline” servo reversers that can be inserted in one leg of a Y connector.

  2. I have a Redcat racing rock crawler that has two Chinese “LanSu S3660” steering servos. With the same signal input, one servo turns CW and the other turns CCW. Both servos have the same model number!

  3. Sometimes you can re-mount a steering servo to get 4WS.

Note that none of these will allow “crab” steering where both axles steer in the same direction.

Following up on item 1 above, inline servo reversers are here: http://www.hobbyking.com/hobbyking/store/_34113__turnigy_servo_signal_reverser_usa_warehouse.html?strsearch=servo%20reverse for $2.14. I have tried one and it works.

Note that you will still need a Y connector available here: http://www.hobbyking.com/hobbyking/store/_49503__Twisted_150mm_Y_Servo_Leads_Futaba_24AWG_5pc.html?strSearch=servo%20leads

These items are also available elsewhere. I have no connection to Hobby King.