4s wobble

Hi Folks,

I’m looking for some guidance on diagnosing a wobble on my hexa. I have been running 3s lipos to date but decided to look at 4s to see if I could eek out more flight time. I borrowed a 4s and tried flying this evening, you can see the results but basically it wobbles (a lot) and it seems like a motor occasionally drops out completely. I’m guessing it’s related to the escs but I can’t find anything online confirming that. I’ve read about timing issues with 6s and pancake motors but nothing about my setup [12x4.5 APC, Hengli w4220 880kv pancakes, 30A Afro escs]. Any ideas? :confused:

I’ve attached the log for the flight, any sudden drops/hard landings were a result of a sudden drop in one of the motors. [attachment=0]log[/attachment]


Since you interested voltage, and power, your PIDs are wrong, do a autotune.
If a motor seems to stop, check for sync problems, or it can be caused by the bad tuning.

Thanks for the reply. I can re-do the autotune for 4s but I’m worried that in it’s current state it would crash mid tune.

How do I test for a sync problem?

you can search and find lots on that, basically, strap it down, and do some quick stickbanging.
sync problem is all about ability to handle rapid changes from minimum throttle to mid/full and back. Some motor/prop/esc combinations will let you see the prop stop/hesitate instead of quickly spin up.

And if there is sync issues do I need to start swapping out components?

…or flashing another firmware to ESC.
or try to increase mot_spin_armed (so they never go low enough).