4in1 vs Single ESC...1000+mm quad

I know this can be a hot topic and that’s not what I am trying to stir up.

What I am looking for is peoples real world experience for ESC’s either 4in1 or single.

I have a quad built but lets just say the esc’s are budget friendly from 10years ago and I want to upgrade.

I have spent many hours/days reading and am curious.

My amp draw on 6s when hovering is 15-20 amps all in, so around 5 per motor. I have hit 45 amps when I punch it, but I want to keep this a slow flyer.

A 4in1 is 4 separate ESC’s on one board most commonly with 1 current shunt resister for total current. No difference otherwise. A consideration is the lead lengths from the ESC to the motor. Small craft this is no issue, larger craft such as yours it can be one. I would probably use Individual ESC’s for that frame size.

@dkemxr Thanks for all the help you have provided me.
Would you recommend adding capacitors for ripples in addition to the ones that come one the esc’s, I’m guessing that it would depend on the esc’s that I pick?

Do you have a single ESC that you would steer me toward?

The ones that I had on it (ZTW V2) worked great but they are simon-k firmware and they tout a 600Hz refresh rate but I am assuming that for stable flight and keeping my quad in the air it’s best that I change them out.

I looked at the hobby wing pro for the cost but the don’t support tele or d-shot and I don’t really want to cheap out but I am sure there are top quality ones for decent prices.

I understand if you don’t want to venture out on that limb.

Below here is just me spilling my thoughts, maybe I should start a different thread about this subject.

On a side note I have thought about converting it over to an x8, I know that there is dirty air from the top prop, many moons ago I built on that had a slightly higher KV motor on the bottom and I also built one with same kv but more aggressive pitch on the bottom.
What’s your thoughts on distance between top and bottom prop and doing what I did probably 10+ years ago?
I’m aware that the lower/higher KV motor will work a bit harder. Just tossing some ideas around is all.

The ESC market is upended at present with the demise of BLheli_32 but there is still stock around. What I would use may not be economically accessible to you depending on where you are but I use these for singles if the current requirement is met RDQ ESC’s Just be aware they likely come with V32.9 firmware, as many do, and they currently cannot be updated. This has not been a problem with Ardupilot but it has been on other platforms.

X8 is a common frame type, use the same motors and props top to bottom.

So I am assuming that these esc’s like others without heat syncs will need to be positioned under the prop wash for cooling?