4in1 ESC For large Copters

Hello, i am building a lightweight setup and i am planning to use a 4in1 ESC. I am using a 4008 tarot martin motor and the motor lead can be extended up to 50cm. I am planning on using 20awg wire .

Please give me suggestions are blheli32 esc are good for the larger build? or should simply go more hobbywing or t motor esc.

I’ve used Holybro Tekko32 65A Metal 4in1 reliably with 4S with average combined current draw of 20 Amps (hover and similar) and peak current draw of up to 85 Amps (moon shot).
Ensure you set up accurate voltage and current monitoring via a normal power brick, and the failsafes of course.
Then set these in BLHELI32 ESC settings:
Low RPM Power Protect OFF
Low Voltage Protection OFF (the should FC handle this)
Temperature Protection 110c (default 140 is too high and unrealistic)

The Tekko32 45A 4in1 would probably be as reliable too and might suit for lower current draw.

I would use at least 18AWG wire or 16AWG if you can.

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I am just wondering does added length of wire to the motor lead will cause any kind of efficiency issue?

No this is good. You should extend the motor leads to the ESC - not the power leads to the ESC. If you do the latter, you would need to add capacitators near the ESC to account for weird voltage ripple stuff.

Hello, i am currently trying these hobbywing 4in1 65amps ESC should I go for the normal protocol or should I opt for the Dshot1200 as the ESC too supports this protocol.

Please share some recommendations!

Use DSHOT300 or whatever the lowest supported value is for your ESC. There’s no value in going to the faster DSHOT data rates.