4G with Pixhawk 4


There are a lot of guides how to connect Raspberry and a 4G stick to a Pixhawk and control the drone / stream camera data over the internet.

Since there seems to be NO Raspberries available on this planet, are there other low cost options out there ?


There are others out there, but often it becomes messy as you need the base board and then USB board and possibly WiFi board in order to work on it at home. (Unless you are willing to always use the 4G. - But I find this not very practical as you always relying on a network tunnel.)

You could also consider an alternative that may be suitable for your project:
(But you have to check if it can handle the OS you want on it)

I believe all those are available now.

Hi Karl

Thanks - I’ve already checked on the net but it seems there are no other “how to’s” for 4G connectivity then using Raspberry.

And even in the list you have provided, those boards based on ARM CPU are out of stock. So it’s not a question of Raspberry PI but the lack of those CPUs.

My chain would be like - Pixhawk/Ardupilot <-> “Host” <-> USB “Stick” 4G Router.

So my question was more like (re. available options), such as would it make sense/does it work to use an Android mobile device ?

After searching for hours → https://www.andruav.com

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