4G LTE Raspberry Pi Internet Drone. Unlimited Range

XBStation is a 4G LTE control system, which allows operators to control drones and live streaming via internet. It’s very easy to setup so that you can enjoy your flight with little steps.
:radio_button:Video type: RGB/GrayScale
:radio_button:Low Latency ( Max< 1s, Average < 350ms )
:radio_button:Companion computer: Raspberry Pi
:radio_button:Using OpenCV to handle Image and live stream, NOT Gstreamer
:radio_button:Station software: XBMissionPlanner
:radio_button:Flight control: Pix hawk
More detail: [http://xb-uav.com/xbstation/about]xb-uav.com/xbstation
p/s: video without gimbal ( so image quality is not good) and without gstreamer! This is a first test, we will release this software in a couple of days. :soon:
Video demo


Can you run XBStation with Qgroundcontrol?

Hello Nhan_Ngo,
I have simple questions:
1). Your system does not use VPN? How about network security??
2). Why don’t you use VPN ?
Thank you.

Thanks for your question.
Datalink and transmiter are unsecurity too. If i use VPN, It’s cost a time to encrypt and decrypt data. So, i think the transmition between station software and raspi will be slow.