4G LTE iHAT module

I recently bought a 4G LTE hat for a RPI from here iHAT. I have an unlimited data plan from verizon wireless here in the US and was going to start playing around with this as a telemetry module. Has anyone else used this product? I was hoping that I could just provide power to the pins and hookup the iHAT to the telem on the pixhawk. then connect from my laptop or cellphone to mission planner. Just trying to start small and work my way up to more advanced uses for this iHAT. My main goal would be to provide real-time video feed to a user device for monitoring wildfires. Any help would be appreciated


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Selling a $40 raspberry pi plus a $100 LTE hat for $430 with a subscription based service… hmmm. no thanks.

There are cheaper perpetual licensed solutions out there…

  1. This is Raspi 4G 4GB - not 40$ and you forget SD card, cable, anten, power module ??? and how can the beginner make hardware reliable?

  2. You do not need to spend a lot of time researching and installing the software. This is also commercial software with many features like RSSI 4G LTE, change resolution and frame during flight, auto reconnect 4G lte when signal lost …

  3. If someone wants to be cheap … we have hundreds free trial licensed, just follow https://docs.xbstation.com/introduction/