433 telemetry radio + micro minimosd

hello to all, im trying to setup my apm 2.6 with a radio telemetry module and micro minimosd with mwosd firmware.

they are perfectly working, but if i connect both together with a y cable from telemetry port, the sik radio module stop working.

There is some solution?

exactly this problem!

Make sure the Tx line on the Minim OSD is not connected.


The splitter wires that come from eBay are wired wrong.

Tx from apm has to go to rx on minimosd and 3dr radio

Rx from apm only connects to TX on 3dr radio

i solved the problem in a easy way.

For some reason the TX pin of telemetry port has not enough capacity to communicate with osd and telemetry module at the same type by the Y cable. So i soldered the pins on uart0 near the gps port and i connected the osd there. Now all is working nice!