433 MHz Radio telemetry

Hi, how can i connect 433MHz Radio telemetry ground module to APM antenna tracker?
Could i make USB - Telemetry connector reduction like in attachment?


The newer V2 radios have connectors for APM/Pixhawk on both the air and ground modules. You have the older V1 design.

ebay.com/itm/V2-Dual-TTL-3DR … SwYHxWQf13


So, its no possible for v1?

You could take the covers off and see if you can solder wires direct to the PC board. I have no idea it that’s possible. Maybe someone with more electronics experience can help.

If not you only need one more air module to make it work. Just put a V1 air module on both ends. Also V1 and V2 run the same firmware and will work together.


This is not about v1 or v2, as that refers to 3DR radio’s that could be used in both ends.
These are cheap/poor clones, where manufacturer saved one 6 pin connector on one radio, and a USB and ftdi chip on the other.
None of them have shielding.