4 servo commands in one waypoint

Hi all

I want to use in one waypoint more servo command. In fishing we strive for accuracy. It would be good to have 2 or 3 servos work at a single waypoint at a time.

It would be nice if you do not need blank wp in the SET_SERVO commands.

Now in auto mode you need 9 waypoints in one mission with the same coordinate:

1wp wait 5s,

2wp set servo 5-2000,

3wp wait 1 sec,

4wp set servo 6-1000,

5wp wait 1sec

6wp set servo 5-1000,

7wp wait for 1s,

8wp set servo 6-2000,

9wp rtl.

This is a novel, and not so accurate. How wonderful it would be if you just went to the waipoint, stop, give the fish two container meals, the tank closes and comes back, it will be possible sometime?

This is my dream

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It would be even better if someone gave me a lua script that controls 2 servos. I’m also looking but I’m not a programmer just a fisherman.

It doesn’t help reduce the number of commands but here are some ways to simplify the mission:

  • the intermediate waypoint commands can have their lat, lon, alt left as zero and they will use the vehicle’s current position. This could lead to a bit of drift though.
  • I think you could use a CONDITION_DELAY command between the do-set-servo commands. The preceding waypoint command would still need a delay on it though.
  • you could use DELAY instead of the intermediate waypoint commands

We are planning to enhance Lua scripting so that it can be executed from a mission or transmitter switch but it’s not done yet I’m afraid.

Thank you for fast answer.
The problem is I don’t carry a netbook to go fishing. I use a phone with Wifi telemetry and the good old Tower.
Look forward to developing the lua script.
Thank you.