4 Maxbot Rangefinder sensors for pixhawk

i dont understand why a clear diagram is not available to connect 4 Maxbot MB1242 i2c sensors on a rover. or 4 of any type of maxbot rangefinder sensors. its not unusual to connect 1 on each corner of the rover. i have seen the datasheets i have changed the address on a 1 mb1242 from 0x70 to 0x50 but no good.

my goal is to have 4 sensors on the rover so it doesn’t bang into anything when using mission planner or qgroundcontrol. Please Help. I would not mind paying for services if it becomes involved, but depending how complicated.


Each sensor has to have a different I2C address if they are on the same I2C bus otherwise we don’t know which sensor we are talking to. And we currently only support 2 sensors on a Rover on the front for obstacle avoidance. If you added more sensors I think the rover would get confused. And finally a quick look at the driver for the MB1242 and it looks like we only support 1 sensor on the 0x70 address. So moving another to 0x50 won’t help.

Unfortunately I don’t have any of the I2C Maxbotic sensors to test with.

Thanks, Grant.

Grant-So dual rangefinders is only possible with the analog units currently?

From my reading of the code yes.

Thanks, Grant.