4 in 1 ESC in Pixhawk Wiring diagram

Hi all,

New to APM and have a PixHawk on order for my second tricopter build. While doing my research ahead of receiving my PixHawk, I came across this advance wiring diagram on the Ardupilot learning site:


It shows a 4-in-1 ESC that I can’t find any info on. These are starting to gain traction in the RC groups community but I don’t think they’re flashed with SymonK firmware. I was wondering if there was anything like this available in 30A either pre flashed with SymonK or that could be flashed that way?

Going this route would save me about 100g i weight and a cleaner wiring setup. just trying to find more info on this as I haven’t seen any specific to multirotors.

This one isn’t 30A, but is 25A.

I have used this because when I ordered the Skywalker it was out of stock. (That’s what I think that diagram was modeled after).

It does come flashed with SimonK goodness.


Note, this is bigger than you think it is.

I mounted it on a POS LotusRC after removing their crap. There are shots of it here:


Though mounted upside down.

I did see that one but it weighs as much as the Witespy Blue Ice escapes I already have. When I saw the one in the picture I linked I got excited that there was a better one available. Whitespy sells one that’s 20A but I’ve never used less than 30A ESCs (not sure why I have an aversion to anything lower)

there is also a similar one from HK, but with their firmware. but i read that its as good as a normal turnigy plush ESC: hobbyking.com/hobbyking/store/__ … _SBEC.html