4 in 1 esc calibration

Greetings to all,

I built a quadricottero with a mini APM 3.1(like this) and a 4 in 1 esc RTF(like this). Unfortunately I could not find any guide for calibration ESC (I tried to follow the wiki but the behavior is different) so doing attempts I managed to get to this point (video). But as shown in the video the calibration probably it is not stored. Reading on the web I found that could depend on the radio (I must have a devo 10 with deviation firmware 4.0.1), but I made the radio calibration and all values ranging from 1100 (approx) to 1900 (approximately).

thank you all

I made a video with the LEDs of apm. Maybe it can help. Reading the wiki the blues are for GPS (but i’m inside the my house but the mission planner says GPS are looked) and the flashing red because it is not armed.

Thank you all

I trust in you :unamused:

I apologize if I continue to respond alone but I will keep you updated to the fullest.

I realized that basically is the blheli firmware running the programming mode and then I freeze. It should be version 13. I found a manual, but the beep number does not coincide.