4+2 VTOL with separate forward motors

Hello there !

I am looking into quadplane VTOL options. I’d like to make a 4 vertical motors and 2 forward motors. I’d like the two forward motors to be separate in order to change the yaw with them. So when I press forward they both go forward but if I want to change yaw without roll so that I can make the right motor going faster to turn left.

I’ve look into the documentation and theses pages “Vehicle Types Supported by ArduPilot” and “QuadPlane Support” without finding this kind of options. The only thing I saw was " Plank Flying Wing" with “differential thrust for yaw” but I am not sure it can be applied to a 4+2 VTOL.

I know boats and some rovers works this way but is it possible for planes ?

Thank you for your help and suggestions.

in normal, non quadplane arduplane, you can set your motors to be throttleLeft and throttleRight which will enable differential thrust while yawing I believe. Not positive if it will work for quadplane but worth a try, I think it’s likely to work.

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Thank you !! That’s what I was looking for !