4+2 quadplane, no transittion, how to setup?

Hi, newbie here,
thanks in advance for your time and patience

Question: How would one go about setting up (wiring, setting manipulation, flight mode setup)

a quadcopter that is used to hover, 1 or 2 motors used to thrust the quad forward while it is hovering, (think star trek) I know this is possible, but after doing much research I cannot find a solution

Thank you !


These pages below in the WiKi are a good place to start.

Vehicle Types Supported by ArduPilot

QuadPlane Support

If you are not familiar with APM Plane, then start here.

Good luck and Welcome to the APM VTOL Plane forum!

Hey ! I am looking for this too, did you manage to do it ? Because on the documentation I can’t find this option