4.1 ROMFS placement

I would like to run my little script from ROMFS because it is important it always starts even if sd has problems. I went into MP MAVFTP but i can’t see such directory. Is there something special to do to see the directory or maybe it’ll be available in a future release and not present in 4.1?


It is possible, but you will need to compile ArduPilot to do it. Where to place the script files hasn’t made to the wiki yet. The PR to look at is this one.

Ok, thank you.
When it’ll be avail in a beta i will not need to compile correct?

Modifying ROM space will need to be done when flashing the firmware. AFAIK it won’t be possible to write a script to ROM during runtime.

Ok understand, thanks.

I kind of hoped i could just copy and paste my important luas to romfs with mavftp :slight_smile: