4+1 Quadplan (Foxtech Loong) Radio Modes

Hi all,

I just acquired a Foxtech Loong and am looking at setting up the radio (Taranis) for various flight modes. With past fixed wings, we had a 3 position switch with 3 modes (manual, FBWA, RTL), which is quite simple to set up. Similarly, for quads, we have had a 3 position switch with 3 modes (auto, loiter, alt hold).

How do you guys set up modes for your VTOLs (which modes are available on the transmitter), and have you been able to reproduce the “change detect” behavior when changing modes from modes that were set from the ground station (e.g…, Switch is in FBWA position, UAV has been set to auto by the ground station, so the vehicle enters manual when you move the switch on the radio to manual). Essentially, I’d like to be able to put the UAV into any of the configured modes, using only the switch associated with that mode, rather than messing around with multiple switches. This would be easily accomplished if there were as second FLTMODE_CH, but that isn’t the case. With 2 3 position switches, this limits my "unique combinations to 6, rather than 9 (though the FLTMODE behavior only supports 6 anyway).

Perhaps I need to make sure I use a 16 channel receiver and configure various RCxx_OPTION parameters to some of the modes (auto, RTL, manual)?