4.1 is strange and roll back issues

Right here we go

  1. updated and now with the lidar the rover just seems to wonder about as if lost
  2. roll back to 4.0 does not work the Compass calibration will not hold at all
  3. the EXf stuff spotted that issue seems to sort itself out thankfully

should I jump to the next version to test and hope it resolves the issues ?

Use the latest stable version, and post .bin log files. And explain exactly what hardware you use.
If you do not take the time to provide the relevant information, how do you expect to get help?

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Valid point sorry

Orange cube and here 2 and A2 lidar are the hardware

.bin file and FW version? It’s a bit like pulling teeth right?

Sorry was out Rover v4.1.5

and it won’t let me download the logs / bin files for some reason i’ll keep trying

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