4.1.4 stopping at every waypoint, ignoring splines

Hi all,

I’ve had a good search and not found any answers, so please help if able as waypoint behaviours seem to have changed with recent releases and my knowledge is behind.

I’m building a spray drone- goal is to fly a survey grid at a predetermined speed with spline/Scurve entry and exits. Waypoints along the straight lines every ~20 metres for rewind and resume on fluid/battery change. I’m using a US-D1 radar for terrain frame Alt and OA is set to bendy ruler. I have tried MP and QGC, UGCS won’t allow terrain frame waypoints and splines. I promise I’ve not entered a delay.

My issues:

  1. The copter comes to a complete stop and pauses at each waypoint with a painfully slow decel/accel. I’d like it to pass through shallow angle waypoints without the pause.
  2. Even with spline waypoints on entry/exit the copter is flying a tight 90 degree with said pauses. I’d love a smooth, even speed turn.

SITL has the same behaviours.

link to the log- auto mission at 13:19

Video (unlisted)-

Thanks for any advice.

Disable OA and increase the waypoint spacing.


Turns out OA_TYPE 1 – Bendy ruler was causing AC to behave the way it did. Now set to zero and swinging through those waypoints like a champ.


Replying to myself here for anyone else to track- it’s a known issue:

Bendy ruler causing 1 sec delay

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