4.1.0 dev upgrade from 4.0.9 stable, Mavlink not connect, no heart beat

Oh no, I made a mistake to upgrade from stable ver 4.0.9 to master 4.1.0.

Now, I cant connect Mission planner to the flight controller (MatekF765-Wing) with Mavlink.
Nothing else has changed than this upgrade. I have two wings with same controller and sw version so I can compare and all is working fine with the not upgraded wing.
Connection via USB cable from Mac to Flight controller still works, but what I need is the Bluetooth link to have it work in the field.

these are the error msg:
Something have changed in how to connect in ver 4.1.0 !?
Any fix to make it work?

Hoping to fly this weekend but seems impossible now. When try to downgrade back to 4.0.9 then the same disconnect error persists :sweat:

Any ideas appreciated !

Good day, just download the firmware version you need and install it using the option custom firmware

oh sorry i probably did not express myself clearly.
no problem to download and install 4.1.0.
problem is to use the board in the wing. It will not connect when using my ordinary bluetooth serial link.

I am also having issues connecting to mavlink over 915mhz radio on Matek H743. Not sure if this is related.

are you using arduplane 4.1.0?

No . Rover 4.1.0 Dev

not likely related since i have one other same matek model connecting just fine (using 4.0.9). this one used to work fine before i upgraded from 4.0.9

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Turned out the data rate setting on the receiver was set to something other than 57600 that the transmitter is using. I must have changed that unintentionally somehow :roll_eyes:

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