4.0.7 Sudden crash

Hi, we have a drone with this hw:

P60 motor
Hobbywing xRotor 60a esc
22 inch prop
Cube Orange
7kg take off weight

We have a sudden crash and we dont know why. Anyone can help us?
Normal flight, stable flight, loiter mode, no bad movements, no message warnings. suddenly fell off.

the .bin file of the log:


thanks very much

Loss of motor2 midflight.

Thanks for the info.

how can you see that? i review the log by mission planner.

the rc outs, have all 4 the similiar behaviour, very stable until the failure, all 4 motors at 1890pwm
how can see what motor fails?

See the graph I included. All goes well, then motor2 output went max, while opposite motor1 went to zero to compensate. This is a typical motor loss scenario… the output set to max because the flight controller sense loss of thrust on that motor…

Thanks for the info.

There is any way to know if these issue its a mechanical failure or a bad configuration/tune?

Checking the banana plugs of the motor to esc there is nothing wrong. we dont find any bad conections.

there are new motors p60 tmotor.

Only via after crash inspection. It can be mechanical, electrical or a simple ESC desync.
Very unlikely that it was configuration/tune issue.

I recommend ESCs with telemetry to everyone now for this exact reason, without telemetry there is really no way of being 100% sure, I have changed whole arms out of customer machines because it was cheaper than risking another failure even when everything tests fine and it’s possible it was a loose propeller.

you know if there is any incompatibility between tmotor P60 motors & Hobbywing Xrotor 60a esc?

we have other drones with this hardware and there was always ok

can be a simple blade loss of the propeller?

If your propellers have a single nut and are all standard right hand thread then it’s possible motor 2s propeller could have came loose. but since your running 22 inch props i doubt thats the case.

No, we use the T-motor folding propeller MF2211L, attached with 2 M3bolts.

the post crash inspection, the motor 2 have one blade of the propeller broken at the root, but itsnt possible to know if the break came from the crash of before crash

ESC is the most lightly culprit, replace it and check all the wiring, make sure its secure, and your signal wire is not wrapped around your motor wires or anything funky like that.

you will have to check and possibly replace all your motors, if its landed inverted its probably bent them, make sure there are no vibrations or loose magnets.

thanks for the info. there any way to check (in esc without telemetry) if the esc make a desync?

no thats the problem, all you can see from the log is what the flight controller is asking of the esc, nothing more.

yes, i know, only the rc output that the board requires to the motors.

we check the config/tuning with the desired attitude / real attitude. if there is a smooth convergence, we asume that the tune is fine.

Is it a new machine?

its a custom machine with a new motors and propellers. we make the change from standard clone motors with 21 pro to Tmotor P60 motors and 22prop.

the esc its the same, the hobbywing xrotor 60a