3G Cellular telemetry

I have been searching thru the site for a simple solution that would connect to the FC telem port and send Mavlink over the cellular network directly to my Android cellphone running QGC…and I find pieces and parts, but not a complete solution…ie a transparent UDP modem like the WIFI ESP8266 poject but using cellular datalink instead of WIFI datalink…
I would think that a SIM800 module, a prepaid SIM card, and an Arduino nano board could tie to a Mavlink telem port and send packets directly over cellular network to my Android phone running QGC using UDP…right?
but I haven’t been able to find any complete solutions…
anyone know of one?

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Thanks but way overkill and way overpriced…should be able to do it for <$50 for telemetry…have found a < $20 2G solution, but it seems to need some buffering that I am not sure is really required yet…investigating with author now about that

Andruav is still around I think, which is an app for using an old phone for telemetry and video

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A year ago I looked at 2G/3G/4G options for a non-UAV telemetry application, and vaguely recall that modest bandwidth 3G hardware was in the price band Henry quoted. It would be cool. Watching this topic.


Interesting, but heavy…will keep it in mind