3drobotics ESCs keep going into calibration mode

So I got 4 of the 3d robotics escs for my px4 and I fallowed the instructions in this video youtube.com/watch?v=6kfVusza17I to calibrate them all at once, they calibrate properly and everything seems to work fine in calibration mode. I leave the px4 off for more than 10 seconds as well as the receiver, but every time I turn the px4 back on and hold the safety button to get it into arming mode the ESCs go back into calibration mode, anyone got any ideas on this? Im running the default apm that is installed by mission controller.

Hi morbiddog2,

Check your RC trims are centered, so there is no high throttle during the power cycle.

Do you mean you install the firmware from mission planner?

Yeah my bad mission planner, and thanks for the tip it worked perfectly and we finally got our custom built quad in the air, its squirly as heck and needs some tweaking but we got it in the air.