3DR Y6 50-60A draw in hover


Fresh buildt 3DR Y6 with GoPro and gimbal. 2482g incl. nano-tech 4S 6000 ready to fly.

In hover I’m getting a current draw of 50-60A, isn’t that ridiculously high? I have a Mac and APM Planner 2.0.8 but I cant read logs from it yet. I only got telemetry logs available as I do not know how to make the APM 2.6 only do the logging to flash memory.

What could be wrong?

Much appreciate if someone would take a look at my log file :slight_smile:

[attachment=0]2014-04-04 11-00-00.tlog.zip[/attachment]

Mine hovers around 20A. Check:

  • props facing correct direction
  • props spinning correct direction
  • current sensor calibration

There are a couple ways to test the current sensor. Putting a multimeter on it is one way. Another way is to look at the reported battery usage in mission planner and compare to what your charger reports.

It did turn out that the bottom props had the writing facing down, and swaping it solved the issue.

But thanks for replying jschall :slight_smile:

Now if I could only get that Flashdata logging going… I have set the LOG_BITMASK to Default+IMU but still I can not find the log files in terminal. Is this because I use telemetry and the APM will only write one log at the time?

Should I disable the telemetry to see if it gets the flashdata logging going?

The text version of the flash data logs can be downloaded using the CLI over the USB connection. However if you are using MP, then there is a Data flash log download tab under the HUD and is located to the far right side for downloading and viewing the binary version using the USB connection.