3dr x8 rtf

Hello all,

I have a 2014 X8 RTF which included the FPV/OSD Kit and a Black Pearl FPV Monitor. This was working fine until a crash recently cracked/broke the power connection on the AV Tx which was causing an intermittent connection. I purchased the Immersion RC 5.8GHz 600mW AV Tx to replace it.

I’m having rouble getting it working, and in my further dismantling of the X8 unit I have discovered a couple things:

  1. Currently, the MimimOSD board is spliced with the radio telemetry cable and going into Telem1. I’m not sure why this is spliced together and no running into Telem2? I’m assuming for the setup using this new AV Tx it should be run directly into Telem2?

  2. The other thing I noticed was that the MinimOSD board got VERY hot while I was bench testing. Everything was maybe powered up for 10min or so on the bench when I noticed it was very hot. Is this normal?

Finally, is there some instructions somewhere for setting up this AV Tx?
Will the instructions here work for this AV Tx?

Thanks for any suggestions/guidance.
Warren M

Further to this.

MimimOSD + Pixhawk + ImmersionRC 5.8 600mW A/V Tx

I am trying to fix/upgrade the existing OSD setup on my 3DR X8 RTF. A crash caused the original 3DR Video/OSD System to no longer function so I purchased the ImmersionRC A/V Tx above to replace it.

I am powering the ImmersionRC A/V Tx with the power connection from the previous setup. I have followed the wiring instructions here and have the MinimOSD board connected to the Telem2 port on the PH. I am using the default channel settings on the Immersion A/V Tx which is CH1: 5740MHz and on the Black Pearl monitor I have it set to Diverstiy Ch1 Band F.

When I power everything up, the screen goes black but there is no picture or telemetry overlay. If I change bands on the monitor, it goes to static, so it seems like I have the correct band set? I think the camera is just not getting power with this new setup?

I see from this diagram that I am powering the A/V Tx directly and not from the MinimOSD board so I think I’m going to need to do some re-wiring to get the camera powered from the ImmersionTX. Does this look/sound correct?

Any suggestions, guidance or helpful links would be greatly appreciated.