3DR V1 Radio questions

General description:
3DR Radio version 1 very old but never used. I am trying to make it work.
PixHawk PX4 very old also and I am not sure which version but I bought it at 3DR store. It is working well.
The question is because I am trying to get the 3DR radio to talk to each other and failed.

The PixHawk PX4 is working well with the latest Mission Planner and I even have telemetry going back to my FrSky transmitter.

I found a pair of 3DR V1 radio and was curious if I should try and make them work or throw them away.

I connected the USB unit to the laptop, it showed up on Mission Planner when I click on optional hardware and SiK radio. There is no longer a 3DR radio button to click. I clicked on load setting and the local unit settings showed up. Net ID is 25 Frequency is 915 baud rate is 57600. Remote unit is greyed out.

I finally get a cable that can attach the remote unit to the PixHawk and I have power. Green LED is flashing. Remote is connect to telemetry 1 port. Telemetry port in standard parameter is set to none. I don’t know if I need to set that to something. If I do what protocol should I set it to?

I also managed to connect the air unit via a USB interface to the laptop direction. Now the air unit becomes the local unit in Mission Planner. I managed to flash (Upload firmware “Local”) to both ground and air unit. They both showed SiK 2.2 as firmware. I did a screen capture of both units plugged in as local and they both showed the exact same setting.

However when I put the air unit on the PixHawk the remote side is still greyed out.

My question is that if I should spend any more time trying to get this to work and just toss them in the rubbish because they are so old. Maybe there is just one area that I should “turn on” to make them work.

I appreciate any help in advance.

When the two radios have all the same settings they should get a solid green LED indicating they can connect to each other.

Check that you have parameters set like these for the correct serial port (Telem1)

When the two radios have all the same settings they should get a solid green LED indicating they can connect to each other.<<

Yes I understand and I was hoping for two solid green LEDs.

Check that you have parameters set like these for the correct serial port (Telem1)<<

Thank you. I just did.


Yes it is set at 57,600


I checked and none of the boxes are checked.


I tried setting that to both Mavlink1 and Mavlink2 and no connection still.

However now the red LED on the air unit is flashing.

Thanks for you help.

Hi; with an early telem unit (unbranded possibly 3DR clone) I experienced very erratic operation when connecting to the vehicle on Mission Planner. After trying many COM port drivers without success, I installed the driver (CDM-v2.12.36.4.U-WHQL-Certified.zip) from the FTDI website [Drivers - FTDI (ftdichip.com)](Drivers - FTDI (ftdichip.com)). Serial 1 port configuration is Mavlink2.
As this is my first post, I don’t know if the images dragged below will display for you.
Regards, David

Thank you. I will give that a try.

Just remembered some more hints:-
COM ports are different in my screen shots because they are taken from two different computers running MP;
I find that “Load Settings” in the SiK Radio window only works with COM port disconnected (counter intuitive!);
Even with later COM port driver, if connection problem persists, try connecting telemetry radio to a different physical COM port (I have noticed this work-around mentioned in other posts);
Having got a working solution, I found that in certain circumstances Eg GS is re-booted, the telemetry link won’t work; so it is necessary to re-boot the remote vehicle system (by power cycling off/on).
Even with COM port drivers that didn’t work properly, the telemetry radios usually established the initial link (green LED on steady after initial blinking)

Thank you. I downloaded the FTDI driver link. I will mess with it a bit and report back. Right now the computer sees the hardware. They just don’t like to talk to each other.