3DR uBlox GPS Requesting Data in Proprietary UBX Format

Hello! I am part of a team that is building a UAV. I am a relatively new C programmer and I was given the task of acquiring positional data from the 3DR uBlox GPS unit: store.3drobotics.com/products/3 … th-compass

I found a data sheet for more exact specifications online and all statements below will thereof be in reference to it: dlnmh9ip6v2uc.cloudfront.net/dat … PS/760.pdf

My problem is that after reading the relevant sections, the only useful information I learned is what the UBX format message is

What I want is :

a) to learn how to request a UBX messages
- (There was nothing in the documentation to request an NMEA message either, simply which NMEA messages were available.)
b) to learn which UBX messages I want to receive

In particular, I want to request the UBX equivalent of the RMC and UBX,00 NMEA messages (As I understand it, UBX,00 is an NMEA format message).

I apologize if I missed something. I read through the UBX message overview and they all seemed like setters and getters for configurations rather than message/information blocks.

My end object is to save in a textfile the UAV’s latitude, longitude, heading, airspeed and time.

I really appreciate your time.

To the moderator: I made a very similar post that was approved and I came back to check and made an edit. It then had to be re-approved but it was declined because of it was a ‘duplicate.’ As a result, the thread was deleted. I apologize. This was not meant as a triple post.

For information on how to talk to u-Blox devices in the native UBX binary protocol, you might want to contact u-Blox directly.