3DR UBlox GPS + Compass Module Orientation

I have a 250 (I think) sized quad.

I have mounted my APM 2.5 (official version) along with the £DR telemetry and UBLOX GPS.

The setup has all been done and it will alt hold fairly well.

When i go to do a mission it appears to go in the wrong direction… im guessing that the compass or gps setup is backwards.

arrow on both the APM and the Compass/GPS are facing front.
I have the rotation setting (forget the exact name) set to 0 degrees (although when i select the GPS/Compass radio button it defaults to 180degrees)

So I think i need to set the orientation to 180deg. but want to check with the experts.
On a side note, when i set this all up my car/rover to check it all out the rover needed 0 degrees to work properly.

Any help would be much appreciated.


A genuine 3DR GPS/Compass has the magnetometer IC mounted on the underside of the module and therefore requires the 180 deg inversion.
If you GPS/Compass module is a clone, it could be mounted anywhere and you will have to experiment with the correct orientation.

Hi, its a genuine compass.
Ill set it to 180 deg and give it a go.

thanks for the quick response.

How are you getting on with this?

I have a similar problem… my 450 follows the correct path on a mission, however the nose does not face in the direction it is travelling in!

As you, my GPS, APM etc are all facing front!!! Also, this was a standard mission, i.e no ROI etc…

This is only my second flight but I’m guessing that it should reach each WP, turn and fly in the direction of the next…?

It flies beautifully otherwise, however I think this behaviour might make AP a little tricky, lol!

Any help would be appreciated.

You should also check that it correctly indicates North/South, East/West (only really need to check one of each) when the vehicle is pointed in those directions, with some allowance for declination. This will confirm the orientation.