3DR Telemetry v1 vs v2 with Pixhawk

Hi all,

I’m looking into the telemetry modules from 3DR. Can anyone tell me if it is easy enough to connect the original (v1) telemetry kit to the Pixhawk? Is it just a case of making up a simple wiring loom with appropriate connectors?

The v1 is available cheaper and instantly, where as it seems all the UK suppliers are out of stock of the v2 according to their websites (or perhaps they haven’t yet received them, I’m not sure when the new model was released), and I could do with getting it pretty soon.

I know that the new version has the plane and ground station modules interchangeable, can be connected to an android tablet and that they come in a sturdier casing… Is there any other significant changes/factors that affect the use of a v1 vs v2 with a Pixhawk?

Hi Patonator,

I added an attachment which shows a modification to the telemetry cable to connect it to the PH.