3DR Telemetry help

Hi Guy’s,
I have a Matek h743-wing FC and I am currently trying to get the 3DR v4.2 radios to talk to each other. When I go into optional hardware and select sik radio I can hit load settings and bring back both the local and remote radios, both radios have a solid green link indicating a connection and all the settings are the same. I can also change settings and “copy required to remote” so they are 100% talking to each other. so everything looks good!

until I try to connect mission planner where it goes to a 30 second time out and complains about no heartbeat. I have tried both v1.9 and v2 of the radio firmware and I get the same outcome.

Any ideas?

Is the baud rate setting of the MP computer com port set correctly?

Have you fixed this ? im running the same problem on the same board.

I did solve it, I’m not sure if the printing on the radio board was wrong or if it had been done deliberately but the tx and rx pins were labeled wrong. So effectively connecting tx to tx and rx to rx fixed it, as daft as that sounds. Try switching your tx and rx pins round, it can’t do any harm to try

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thanks, no point for me. i get telemetry both on MP and GS, just the params do no get downloaded. GS freezes.