3DR Telem. Radio v2 & PixHawk

I bought a 3dr v2 telemetry set to go with my pixhawk - but it arrived with a cable for an APM.
Cracked open the case and found what looks like a BF13 6 Position connector.

I bought a new cable but it doesnt quite fit.
The cable states its for the exact purpose im trying.

The cable is straight 1:1 conencted as well, but looking at schematics online, it looks like a nice a crossed cable of some kind.

There is surprisingly little available online to connect one to the other it would seem (in terms of an actual product)
Am i using old tech? Is there more than one type of BF13 connector (beyond position count) that im confusing?

Or is it possible i just have a low quality product and it doesnt fit well?

Only genuine 3DR Pixhawks have DF13 connectors, All clones have Molex Pico blade. Regarding crossed cables, Tx>Rx and Rx>Tx.

Looks like my pixhawk is genuine then as the new BF13 cable fits it fine - its the 3dr i cant hookup.
Ive manually connected the cable to the radio with the cross overs but no heart beat - i may have not crossed properly as you say. Will check that - thanks!