3DR Solo support

Will AC3.5 also support the Solo along with the “green cube”?

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There’s a project underway to get solo running on master ardupilot. I think it’s making progress but I’m not too hugely involved myself so I can’t say. Certainly the PH2/cube is supported in Copter-3.5 but I’m also sure there are some missing bits like the Solo ESC patch and the Solo arm LED support.

I actually think the issues with getting Solo on master are more about the companion computer than the ardupilot software.

So, sorry, I don’t have an exact answer.

Can we replace Pixhawk in Solo with Pixhawk 2.1 ( from proficnc) and get it to work fine? Similarly can we replace Pixhawk 2.1 on carrier board with Pixhawk from Solo and have to work?

Solo has a critical esc hardware issue, we fix this with a special Green cube from ProfiCNC.com

Yes the old Solo cube will work on a carrier, but it does suffer from an RCin hardware bug that can affect some receivers.

We will let people know when Solo is flying correctly on master

How would Solo users be notified?

Via the Solo Facebook page

I would be REALLY nice if you folks would move the Facebook discussion to Ardupilot.org. Many of us will NEVER participate in Facebook.

Seconded. I’ll not use the devil’s chatroom.

Third. IMNSHO FB is for swapping gossip and engaging in social narcissism. FB is not the proper venue for intellectual or technical discourse.

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Wow!! finally people who feel the same way about facebook.

Yup.Unfortunately it excludes us from a lot of Solo stuff that seems to be exclusively run over there.I get a ot of Solo information second hand through private messages and emails due to this.It’s a pain.

I don’t twit either.

It amazes me how easily people will give up all their private information including all their friends and relationships. Just the thing any good dictator would love to have.