3DR RadioV2 won't connect in mission planner

I am using an 3DR RadioV2 for my telemetry connection on a plane build that connects to an APM2.6. I can properly connect the APM to my computer and upgrade the firmware and do calibrations and such in Mission Planner. However, when I disconnect the APM and reinstall it back into the plane and hook all the wires back up and then attempt to connect via telemetry I get an error that says, " No Heartbeat Packets Received." I have the baud rate at 57600 and I am on the correct COM port. The light on the radio has two led lights on when I try to connect: One solid green and one flashing red (on both radios). I am able to “load settings” in the 3DR Radio tab under “Optional Hardware” and both the local and remote radios populate with values that are identical.

Does this mean a faulty radio? Or is this a firmware/settings issue?

Windows 7 Desktop
Mission Planner v1.5.03
SiK 1.9 on HM-TRP

Baud: 57600
Air Speed: 64
Net ID: 25
Tx Power: 20
ECC: Unchecked
Mavlink: Mavlink
OP Resend: Checked
Min Freq: 915000
Max Freq: 928000
Number of Channels: 50
Duty Cycle: 100
LBT Rssi: 0
RTS CTS: Unchecked
Max Window (ms): 131

L/R RSSI: 159/157 L/R noise: 31/23 pkts:613 txe=0 rxe=2 stx=0 srx=0 ecc=0/0 temp=22 dco=0

Any help would be appreciated and thanks in advance!

On all of my 3DR telemetry radios, I have the ECC box checked.

Thanks for the heads up! However, this doesn’t affect my ability to connect. (for anyone else looking at this)

I have had some success by setting both radios to their default configurations.

If both radios are working properly they will have a green led on solid in the middle of the transmitter. You should also see a red flashing led at regular intervals which is the heart beat coming from the flight controller. If you don’t see this the radios are not paired and need to be paired before they will work.


Check the firmware level, in mission planner, of the radios. I have seen problems when the two radios are not on the same firmware level.

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The APM was found to be faulty. Radios worked great once the new APM arrived and was installed.