3DR radio telemetry not connecting with MP

I am able to connect the ground station and other one . the connection is established between them showing the solid green LED. When I connect in mission planner using the baud rate 57600 it gives error as packets not received.
Can anyone help me with this issue.

In Mission Planner check that the computer is actually connecting to the radios. Try to check the radio parameters using the radio configuration tool.


You say there’s solid green lights on the radios, so if you can see the radio configuration on both radios in the tool, don’t change anything. If you see radio configuration then the problem is on the drone side.

If you don’t see the configuration it may be a driver issue. You’ll have to sort that out first.

If the issue is on the drone then it’s likely either the serial port is not configured properly on the flight controller. Tell us what controller you’re using and what port your connected to and then we can guide you to the settings.

The other common issue is the wiring. The TX on the radio needs to go to the RX on the flight controller, and RX on the radio needs to go to TX on the flight controller.

We are using Pixhawk 2.4.8 and connected to telem1/telem2 port.
We checked with the wiring. Its correct.