3DR Radio signal strength indicator

I’m working on a simple GUI to use as ground control on a project we’re working on. The intent of the GUI is to display a very limited subset of the data shown in Mission Planner. I’ve found everything I want to display except for the signal strength percentage like shown in the upper right corner of the HUD in Mission Planner. I was wondering if anyone knew what mavlink data and calculations Mission Planner is performing to come up with this value. I’ve looked through the Mission Planner source code a little, but I haven’t been able to find it. Can anyone point me in the right direction? Thanks!

You need the use the MAVLINK_MSG_RADIO for the info. Its only sent if you have telemetry over a 3DR radio link, as they are injected on the data stream by them


Thanks for the feedback. I had found the mavlink message before with the radio status, rssi, etc. But the rssi for example was a number greater than 100, something like 160 when I was looking at it. The signal strength is shown in Mission Planner as a percentage, so it is some kind of calculation based on the radio status data I’m assuming. I was hoping maybe one of the Mission Planner developers could point me to the right source code file, where I could pull out this calculation. Thanks again!

the link indicator is based on packet loss.

in the status windows you can seet he specific rssi’s for the modems