3DR radio drivers in Windows 7

I’ve been using amp 2.0 on my MacBook Prountill recently when my ftdi usb to serial drivers stopped recognizing the serial port in osx Mavericks. My dad had a used core duo windows dell pc laying around gathering dust and he said I could have it, so now I’m using mission planner on the windows 7 professional os. I actually like mission planner a lot more than amp planner. The wizard is definitely a plus. One thing that I’m not really sure about is how to setup my telemetry device. I have installed si labs drivers and he application recognizes the 3dr module but I have a feeling this isn’t correct. What is the correct driver to install for the 3dr telemetry module in Windows 7?
I’d appreciate any help you can offer.

Hi everybody

I have the same problem in mission planner on a win7 computer after the fix from 1.3.13 to 1.3.14 (and some windows update)
Before that all I had to do is plug the 3dr USB and press connect.
Now I have loaded ftdiport drivers, I see the port in device manager with all settings ok (I think) …but when I start mission planner it gives a message about directx, then opens but I can not connect to the 3dr
I attache two screen capture to see exactly what happens.
From my experience it might be a directX problem.
I chated earlier with microsoft support and they concluded that it was more difficult to solve it on line and they asked me to pay them to solve the problem.


One of the first things to try would be an “uninstall” and then a new install after cleaning your registry.