3DR Power module replacement

I’m building Tarot 680pro with the guts from an Iris. The power module is built into the Iris 4n1 ESC so I need a separate one but it looks like 3DR has done away with all their parts.

I see a lot of complaints about chinese power modules. I want to get a good one. Recommendations? Will be running 4S to start but would like the option for 5s or 6s as my 40A ESCs will go to 6s. I see Hobbyking sells a 10s, 90A module, but will 90A be enough? I know 40A ESCs are a little overkill for this frame, but still, even if they are all doing half that, that’s 120A…


wiki is our friend


Thank you. Sorry, that’s what I get for searching when I should be sleeping. I had found the 3DR PM page, and a page that 404’d to the 3DR store on pixhawk.org, but failed to back up a page to the landing page. Thanks.