3DR Power Module for APM 2.6 with 6S Lipo

Hi all, I am building a Hex with a 6S batt and I am using APM 2.6 as my FC. I read somewhere that I cannot connect more than a 4S to the Power Module and wanted to confirm. Is there an alternative? As I want to be able to power my APM FC, and if possible know my voltage.

Quick side note, does the APM 2.6 also monitor altitude?

Hello alane,

The 3DR Power Module does not support 6S batteries.
The APM 2.6 includes a barometric pressure sensor, which translates the changes in air pressure to give a good estimate of the altitude.

Given it does not support 6S batts, how do I power my APM? My motors require a 6S, do I need to get a separate batt for the FC or can I still connect the board, just won’t have the batt monitor functionality?

Try here: http://copter.ardupilot.com/wiki/common-using-a-current-sensor/
When using this Current/Voltage sensor you will have to substitute a BEC that can handle 6s LiPos for the 3DR PM.