3dr Pixhawk Mini to Raspberry Pi3

I want connect my MINI Pixhawk to Raspberry, but MINI has only one TELEM PORT, can I use it ?
RFD+ to Raspberry to connect with GCS

You can use the USB port for the Pi and TELEM for the RFD. Just secure the USB ports from vibration as they can be less reliable in flight.

I want control the minipix through rapsi
Thank you I try it…

This might be a bit late but it is not recommended to connect a CC (pi) to the Pixhawk USB as this is primarily used for flashing firmware etc and can result in boot issues and the PH crashing. Use the Telem port and connect the RFD to the pi USB using a FTDI cable instead. You might need to route the serial using Mavproxy or the like.

See here for more info: